Permission Granted

How to Find and Follow a Path to a Life True to Your Self

If you are looking for ways to stop the pain of living a life that meets the expectations of others and never your own, this book can help you.

It can help you revise the rules handed down to you through parental control, society’s mores, or professional demands, and write your own.

In this memoir the author invites us into her thought process as she looks back at the beginnings of her life to find the real ME. Early memories give her clues of the self she was born to honour. She tells how life experiences submerge her original desires and lead her onto paths that follow the expectations of others. Not to be denied, however, those desires keep surfacing and prompt her to explore, study, understand, and take other paths to meet her own expectations. Her triumph is to finally give herself permission to go and to live that joyful life, a life true to her SELF.

Permission Granted: How to Find and Follow a Path to a Life True to Your Self is a guide that offers tools to:
  • identify the true self you were born with
  • determine who and what made the rules you feel obligated to live by
  • learn to come unstuck from old beliefs
  • create a plan for a new life
  • discover no matter what your age that you can give yourself permission to live life on your own terms

Follow the suggestions in this book and you too can have the life you dream about.

What’s stopping you? Don’t come to the end of your life with regret that you did not listen to your own heart, your own rules¸ and never choosing the life possible for your True Self.